Confidence & Comedy Class

RPJ Confidence & Comedy Class


open the door to your dreams

Go on a comedy adventure with me.



You have great potential to achieve your hearts desire. If you feel like you’re living beneath your potential, you’re not alone! Our brains are hard wired to keep us safe. That safe place is called your comfort zone! Stretching your comfort zone is the key to unlocking your potential.


Gain Confidence

We all have things in our lives that we’d like to do but we’re too afraid to take the first step. I needed someone to help me take the first step, now I’m paying it forward. Like a giant Redwood, great confidence grows from small beginnings. In my six week class you’ll laugh your way to greater confidence.


Be a Hero

The #1 fear for most people is public speaking; scarier still, is stand up comedy. Just imagine how great it will feel to command the stage for your friends and family. After six weeks with me, you’ll be ready, willing and able to confidently take the stage, tell your jokes & be a hero to your friend and family!