Comedy Adventure Guide

The Ryan Paul Johnson’s Comedy Adventure!

Confidence to stand up!

When I broke my neck I lost my ability to do nearly everything- including staying alive. At each point in my journey there were people and devices that kept me going. At first they just kept me alive. I spent more than a month with a machine breathing for me. I spent two month being fed through a tube in my stomach. As I got stronger, the help I need evolved from just keeping me alive to helping me live a full life.

Today I’m living a fun and fulfilling life despite my physical disabilities. My journey has been full of people who believed in me and encouraged me to keep going. Now I’m looking for people I can encourage and empower to live a fulfilling life!

Through my journey I have discovered the key to unlocking your great potential. We all live in a box called The Comfort Zone. This comfort zone is where we feel safe. Our brains are hardwired to keep us feeling safe. By default your brain will lie to you! It will tell you all kinds of stories that hold you back from living at the top of your potential. Let me assure you! You are good enough & smart enough & strong enough & brave enough to do that scary, risky, life affirming thing you’ve always dreamed about doing or being.

The KEY to unlocking your great potential is ADVENTURE!

Adventures come in all shapes and sizes. When most people imagine an adventure, it’s typically outside in a jungle far away from daily life. My personal adventure was going water skiing. I define an adventure as any action that feels risky.

When I discovered this secret to unlocking human potential I wanted to share it with the world. I started thinking of adventures I could take people on. My first thought was skydiving. I’ve never been skydiving but I regularly describe improv and stand-up comedy as jumping out of an airplane.

It struck me. Stand -up comedy is a great adventure! I have the training, skills, experience & ability to guide people on a six week stand-up comedy adventure that culminates in performing a 3 - 5 minute stand-up comedy routine in a comedy club for their friends and family. The thrill of this experience stretches your comfort zone to new limits. That’s how the power of adventure works. It recalibrates your brain. After you’ve completed your comedy adventure you’ll have the courage to pursue the life you’ve been dreaming of.

New adventures begin weekly!