It's time to make a choice about how you live life...

Have you ever had an experience that completely alters your point of view on life?

I have.

In 2014 I finally said, “yes.” to my good friend Jo Crawford. Jo was my recreational therapist during my in patient rehabilitation at The Barrow Neurological Institute. I met her in 1999 and for the next 14 years Jo invited me to go water-skiing at the yearly "day on the lake.”

For 14 years I told her no thank you. When I finally said, “yes, I’ll go.” My whole life changed.

I went to the lake on Friday afternoon. The crew of volunteers got me geared up. I’d said, “No,” to going skiing for so many years because I was afraid of getting hurt again. It was clear to me from the way the event was organized that everyone was afraid of me getting hurt. So, they took steps to keep me and everyone else safe.

Experiencing the thrill of water skiing for the first time since I broke my neck opened my eyes to a whole world of possibilities. I had been living well below my potential. I could do more with my life if I chose to.

Jo told me year after year, "You can do more with your life Ryan. Come out and play with us at the lake.”

On my ride home from the lake after my first time skiing I knew I had a choice.

I could keep being afraid or I could start being brave.

I could keep telling myself, “I can’t do it.” or I could start saying, "I can do it.”

I saw so clearly. I’d been holding myself back in life because of fear. I was wasting my one and only life being afraid to live it.

Going water-skiing was a cross road moment in my life. I’m so happy I finally said, “yes!”

The only way for your new life to begin is by saying yes to your new life.

Ryan Johnson